Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If I have learned one thing about mental illness, it is to NEVER take anything for granted. As I returned home from work today, I was pleasantly greeted by the images. At that moment, I was reminded to be grateful for all that is positive in my life. Thank you horsees (yes I call them hors-ees :) BTW, this particular horse walked about 200 feet just to say hi, up close.

What am I grateful for?
• My sister is about to give birth to her first child (even after a horrible miscarriage).
• My brother is currently in a state hospital working towards recovery and acceptance.
• My new found friends at the Friendship House (thanks Amanda).
• The courageous, lost souls who inspire me to be a better person.
• A supportive husband who makes me laugh and gives my work an honest critique.
• For parents who encouraged me to always be creative.
• FREE therapy on four legs...I mean my two precious dogs, Miles and Basie.
• That medicine and therapy will bring my brother back one day...I just have to be patient.
• The moments of recovery I have experience with Josh, as brief as they were.
• Finally...for his courage, generosity and kindness...he is unique and I love him for that.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Hi AC,

    I am grateful I recovered.


  2. I am grateful for a whole new world opening up to me. Ever since I joined the SCCCMH, I have met people like you, Amber, that show me there can be a difference made in this world, that postive things can be done in fighting Stigma against mental illnesses. This is something I dreamed about for a while. Something, once I knew I was getting better, that I wanted.