Monday, July 13, 2009


As many of you know, I am working on a documentary which will educate others about mental illness and stigma. I was fortunate enough to show the first edition of this video to a couple support groups. When the video ended, I was surprise by their applause. I couldn't believe that some of the individuals were interested in sharing their stories. It is humbling to know that my work and passion is inspiring others to make a difference. I am happy to give others a voice since stigma has silenced so many with mental illness. One woman told me that I was breaking ground and that one day we will see progress. I would like to thank Amanda for allowing me to meet these wonderful, supportive individuals. You all inspire me to keep fighting. Since my brother is not doing well at the moment, my heart aches for him to recover. I want him to be at peace one day. I find peace in so many people who have reached recovery. I see them smile and laugh and think, Joshua will feel the same one day. I do know that he possesses the strength to do so. Get better Josh:) We miss you!!

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  1. Your welcome, Amber. I know that one day Josh will get better. Sometimes I just know things, I don't really think it's ESP, but something like that. I don't share that with everyone because they would think it's part of my illness! Don't worry when I do have symptoms the future is told to me by a voice that calls herself Anne. It's not Anne that told me so it is real! And I really wanted you to met my friends at Friendship House because they have stories I think that would really enrich your video!