Sunday, June 19, 2011

Every so often I receive email from art students. Though I never intended to inspire anyone artistically with the Gaining Insight campaign, it does give my work a little more purpose. Creating the campaign was simply a visceral response to the flurry of emotion I experienced when my brother first became sick. I also never expected to receive email from those who are silenced by stigma or from family members who floundering in sea of emotion. Thank you all for seeing a need to educate others about a topic, most often, swept under the rug. We can all inspire empathy and courage by speaking out. The following is from an art student in the UK:

" Hello, My name is _ and I am currently studying A level art at Colston's in Bristol, UK. I am really interested in the paintings you have created on gaining insight and I especially love the way in which you blend the colours into each other. In your painting Psychosis, I really like how the face is blended into the trouser leg, as if it is a part of him. Also your use of colour and painting technique is beautiful and very inspiring. For my project I am looking at schizophrenia and mental illness and I would really love to ask you some questions if you have some time. I have to look at one particular artist for the project and I am extremely excited to use you as my inspiration for my work. I hope to hear back from you,"