Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Halloween II is back and ready to give mental illness a bad name. Rob Zombie takes yet another stab (no pun intended) as director and clearly has no idea that he will be making my job, as stigma buster, that much harder. This film promises to be chock full of stereotypes, misconceptions, violence and hate. Aside from the news, sensationalism in the movies is one of the leading causes of stigma. I want you to watch the movie trailer. Notice the woman in the white dress when she mentions, "Takes us home Michael". Those are the voices or hallucinations created in Michael's head. In the story, Michael Myers has escaped from a mental institution, blah blah blah. Add one part propaganda, one part mental illness and you have a blockbuster HIT; plus lots and lots of money. We have to stop film makers from manipulating schizophrenia in order to sell tickets. Those of you who battle mental illness daily are truly paying the price.  


  1. The stigma is awful and until it hits you personally, people just don't know. I am starting one step at a time to educate family and friends. It is a slow road. You have my support and know that what you are doing is making a difference. Thank you. Janet (NAMI mom in TN)

  2. You are very sweet Janet! I am happy to know that there are other individuals out there who will not be silenced by this intense stigma! Keep fighting.

  3. Horror is a sewer - from King and Koontz to exploitation, it´s fantasies of filth, gore and perversion and projecting these fantasies to mentally ill.