Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well, for two reasons. It is mental health month and I will be showing my artwork at two galleries Syracuse, NY. I am extra excited because I grew up in Syracuse and my brother lives there. He is in a state hospital but I hope he is well enough to come by the exhibit. My anti-stigma video documentary will be shown for the first time during the first show so I am very happy to hear what people think.
I will finally have prints of my artwork/posters available for sale. 75% of all print sales will be donated to charity. So, if you know anyone who lives in the Syracuse area, please let them know about the shows. Email me for details. 


  1. That's great news Amber. Good luck, I hope lots of people come to your shows and watch your documentary. I appreciate your dedication. You are making a difference in the world.


  2. Amber
    Congratulations on your art shows. Will you have media coverage? It would be great to see a nice article in NYT about your exhibit. Your dedication and perseverance to the cause of eliminating stigma is remarkable and deserves all the recognition available: Television, newspapers, and radio. I look forward to turning on the television and seeing Amber there.

  3. Thank you all for your support:) I was told local media may cover the first exhibit. It's funny because I never ask for the news to be there but both the venue and NAMI (back in November 2008) have asked if I had a problem with it. It must be new because I gather this side of mental illness is rarely covered by the media. I would love to get more media on this subject but don't know how to go about it. I will continue to get the word out, little by little!

    BTW, once my educational documentary is presented to the public, I will be sure to post it to my website so everyone can view it.

  4. Amber, could you contact me? There are four of five of us interested in seeing if we can't help each other get some or more traffic to our blogs. We are all NAMI members, most of us are national or state trainers in IOOV or Connection. My email is recovereythroughkaizen at removing the spaces and using the @ symbol instead of the word at. ;) Thanks, Marty Raaymakers