Friday, April 24, 2009

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of viewing Shepard Fairey's art exhibit in Boston. You know him best for his Obama poster (see below). At the exhibit, I read a letter from President Obama which commended Shepard for his help. Obama encouraged him to continue with his creative efforts. I didn't really know much about Shepard's art but I was blown away. He even uses one of my favorite sayings, "QUESTION EVERYTHING". His work is very political and graphic. He is heavily influenced by Warhol, punk design and communist propaganda (posters). I became very inspired to continue with my mission and to never hold back. Mental illness stigma has yet to be dealt with but it is very necessary if we want to see progress. By the way, this was Shepard's first show after 20 years of work. Being a graphic designer, it is nice to see this type of art is being recognized. Visit this site if you would like to learn more. 


  1. Amber,
    Thank you for telling us about Shepard Fairey, and the link to his site. As I look at his art and yours, I am reminded of the Mexican Muralists of the 1930's whose art spanned decades well into the 1970's documenting Socialist thought and activism. Diego Rivera, Jose Orozco, and David Siqueiros. There is a long tradition of Artistic interpretation and the social conscience. Their art challenged conventional thought and documented radical change in the evolving political area of their era. They were not always well received or accepted, but they persevered. I have thought of what it would be like for countries to challenge each other in artistic expression rather than war.

  2. a211423,
    That is the greatest idea ever. I told one of my coworkers and she agrees:) I would participate in the art war!! I am so glad that I chose to be this profession because I now realize the impact art/design has on others. I don't even think people understand how powerful art can be when it comes to communication.