Thursday, January 22, 2009


I thought I would share a video with you by Puddle of Mudd. I came across the song while researching how the media affects stigma. The song is called "Psycho" but the term SCHIZOPHRENIC PSYCHO is repeated over and over again thoughout the song. I believe the narrator is comparing his girlfriend's attitude to a very serious mental disorder. But then I found the following quote, "The song is about wondering if oneself has a split personality and is a “psycho”, as lead singer Wes Scantlin sings “maybe I’m the one who is the schizophrenic psycho”." The music video was shot at the famed Bates Motel which adds another layer of discriminating media. I find that too many bands sacrifice originality for commerciality. In this case, the band creates a phrase and a hook that will appeal to or shock the listener. If the band wants to be original, they should stop modeling themselves after Nirvana. I will post more about Kurt Cobain in the future. Go watch Nirvana's "Teen Spirit" and you will see some striking similarities. Puddle of Mudd takes a sound that was already successful (when it entered the mainstream in the 90's) and reproduces it so they can appeal to the masses. This is very commercial and in no way original. Anyway, until there is more education/positive media regarding mental illness, music and movies will continue to dehumanize those who are suffering. 


  1. Anyone who sings about schizophrenia, but then adds "psycho" and "split personality" is clearly confused.

    Psychosis is a broad term, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can manifest in countless ways and is often a popular catch-all phrase....was I referring to psychosis or IBS?!

    As to "split personality", it is usually the misnomer for Disassociative Personality Disorder. As a Manic Depressive, the "split personality" might be more fitting personally: I cannot recall what happened when I am in a different state.

    If I am depressed, I cannot remember being happy or anything that happened then. The reciprical is true when I am well.

    Keep up the good work, Amber.

    Did you check out my up-coming show? They want it to travel when it comes down in March. Any ideas?

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's good to see that there are others sharing the concern of people being "labled for something that is beyond their control. We come up against this often. Mostly because the term scares people, others because they just don't get it, or are beligerant.
    If it's alright with you, I'm going to post your links for others to view and hopefully get a better understanding. Your pictures are great. Hearing the voices gives me a much better understanding of what our son is experiencing. We can only imagine. You've been a big help!
    Thank you for being such a great support system! I'll be back to read more here and will send my husband here as well. Thank you again.

  3. Hello Amber,

    I came across a new blog last week that I thought would interest you,


  4. I suffer from schizophrenia, but I take no offense to this video, although I do think it may influence those who are ignorant about the disease. I'm very mellow and layed back, I can see the humor in the video. But I can see why people would take offense to this especially knowing someone who has schizophrenia. But I will agree that the artist knows nothing about insanity.

  5. Lunatix,

    I totally agree with you about the video but it's the careless use of the phrase SCHIZOPHRENIC PSYCHO that bothers me. The problem is that when the media portrays mental illness in an insensitive manner, those who have the illness suffer the consequences. This song is just a small example of how the media succeeds to fuel stigma. I am glad to hear that you are rather laid back. It one way to become unaffected by stereotypes or discrimination. However, education on the topic of mental illness is necessary if we want to see change.