Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I was asked by Art Rage Gallery if I would be interested in doing a little interview with Syracuse.com. I guess all the news is on the internet now:) Anyway, I seem a little nervous, but I am thankful for any opportunity to raise awareness. The video is directly below. Also, here are two little news articles (article 1 & article 2) which were written for the Syracuse Post Standard. The photo above was taken by the interviewer and made PHOTO OF THE DAY in the same paper. Yikes, it is strange to see my face in the paper. Guess it comes with the territory but still strange because I am shy. I am excited to collect all publicity as I continue to raise awareness about mental illness. I hope to show it to my brother when he gets better so he knows how much he has inspired me. I don't know where this road leads but thank you for all of your support! 


  1. Hi AC,

    Loved your interview!

    You were articulate, courageous and inspire hope.

    I'm with you on the mission to heal society from the disease of stigma.

    Sail on!


  2. Hello,
    I am a little behind checking up on all the blogs I follow. In particualr yours, because without yours I won't have found this place to air my thought, feeling, and opinions.

    I know you are doing this for your brother and I hope someday he can grasp the gift you have given him. However, without realizing it, you are doing this for all of us "crazy" nuts.

    My God, a news intereview on someting about mental illness not having to do with some lady drowning her babies becuse she heard devil music! From the bottom of my heart and from the whole mental health community I would like to say thank you!