Thursday, March 5, 2009

During the next two months, I will be creating a short documentary about mental illness/stigma. I will present this video to the public while my exhibit is shown (at a gallery) during late April and May. There is said to be news coverage at the opening. Once I receive initial feedback, I intend to use this documentary as an educational tool. I will be devoting a portion of this documentary to the "faces of recovery". Since so many of you have inspired me with stories of recovery, I think it could be quite powerful to send this message to public. If anyone is interested, here is what I would need:

1) 1-4 images of yourself (preferably candid). The shots could be of yourself, with family/pets, at your job, enjoying your favorite hobby, etc.
2) Your diagnosis date (year) and length of time you have been in recovery (this could be the sum of time even in between relapses)
3) A quote describing what recovery means to you 
4) A quote describing how stigma has affected you (good or bad)
5) What you wish for most (in regards to mental illness or stigma)
6) Any artwork that you have created as part of your art therapy
7) Anything else that might be helpful to tell your story 
8) Permission to use your quotes and images

I would like to get your approval of the finished film clip (with your story) once I have it completed. I know this seems like a lot but it will all work to put a face on recovery. In the end, your story will encourage others to view your journey as courageous and hopefully put an end to public fear. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to contact me via email:

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